About Angas Prime

Angas Prime is a registered Managed Investment Scheme investing in first mortgage lending.

Angas Prime is a pooled mortgage scheme, which means that an investor's funds are spread over the whole mortgage portfolio, that is, the member has exposure to the whole scheme, not a specific mortgage. Investors share in the income generated from the Fund in proportion to their investment. The Fund is unitised, meaning an investor is issued with units in the Fund with a face value of $1.00 per unit.

Angas Prime aims to provide investors with income in line with the target rate by investing in a wide range of commercial loans secured by registered first mortgages primarily comprising residential and development land with broad geographic diversification across Australia. Almost all of the assets of Angas Prime will be invested in mortgages to enable Angas Prime to meet the target rate. There is no predetermined liquidity reserve but a small amount of cash will be held by Angas Prime to meet cash requirements.

The Angas Prime Product Disclosure Statement (“PDS”) is available for download. Alternatively submit your details on the contact page or call us on 1800 010 800 and we will post you a hard copy.


Our Staff

Angas Prime ability to produce consistent returns in the current competitive climate reflects the hard work and professionalism of our dedicated team. Our staff are committed, enthusiastic professionals who take pride in the service they offer investors and borrowers alike.

Key Staff:
  • Brian Doherty - Head of Funds Management / Acting Head of Lending
  • Jeffrey Hill - Investor Administration Manager
  • Maria Wyllie - Investor Relations
  • Linley Vogel - Investor Relations
  • Esther Yong - Lending
  • Brad White - Lending