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    Put Your Hard Earned Money To Work

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Target Rate
*4.95% p.a.
Income paid monthly

Angas Prime key features: 

  • Angas Prime provides Investors with a Target Rate of return from a pool of loans secured by Registered First Mortgage
  • 12 Month Investment Term (Note - limitations on your ability to withdraw your investment at the end of term)
  • Income Paid Monthly
  • No Entry Fees
  • Minimum Investment $10,000
  • *The Target Rate for your investment is not fixed and may fluctuate up or down during the term of your investment


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About Angas Prime

Angas Prime is a managed investment scheme that aims to provide investors with income in line with the target rate by investing in a wide range of commercial loans. All loans are secured by registered first mortgages primarily comprising residential and development land with broad geographic diversification across Australia.

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Angas Prime provides investors with a target rate of return from loans secured by registered first mortgages. Investors' money is pooled and invested collectively. Each investor has a proportionate share in the entire mortgage portfolio rather than a specific interest in any particular mortgage.

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Angas Prime forms: -
- Addition to Existing Investment Form
- Change of Address Form
- Change of Bank Account Form
- Withdrawal Request Form