A GOLDEN RULE: Invest your money into what you understand

Simple truths are often the best. Money is hard to earn. Savings can be difficult to replace. Obtaining the best possible return on your savings is a key objective but preserving the underlying capital is even more important. This is fully understood by Angas Prime in dealing with investor funds.

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Experienced leaders step up to new roles

Angas Prime will be led in 2020 by experienced personnel with strong foundations in the business. Pictured are Brian Doherty, Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Harvey, Head of Credit and Andrew Luckhurst-Smith, Executive Chairman. Together, they comprise the Credit Committee which approves all loan investments made by Angas Prime and has...

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Competitive Advantage Drives Investor Returns

The close relationship that Angas Securities enjoys with its customer and business introducers has been built up during twenty years as a non-bank lender. The key relationships have been forged through changing conditions to underpin a reliable deal flow for Angas Prime. The result is a competitive advantage that drives returns for Angas Prime investors.

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